Item 144
CD of 72 Lesson Plans for Grades 7 and 8 - $35.00

Features lessons for each of the fifteen self-discipline skills plus lessons to introduce the concept of self-discipline. Sample lessons include:
0-3 Monitoring My Growth in Self-Discipline
1-4 Create a Listening Exercise
2-4 Stand Up - Sit Down
3-5 Foolish Questions
5-5 Friend or Acquaintance?
7-1 Formulating Classroom Rules
7-6 Taking a Consequence When Rules are Not Followed
8-5 Decoding a Message
9-5 Leaders Reflect on Life
10-6 Flirting or Harassment?
10-7 Cyberbullying
15-2 Building a Kindness Wall

Two sets of skill posters are provided on this CD