by Barb Vasiloff

Teachers are always grateful when parents support the expectations they have established in the school. Common areas afford a wonderful opportunity for parents to model self-discipline skills. Here are a few actions teachers appreciate parents doing.

  • Following Instructions: If there is a Īno gum' or Īno pop' sign posted, leave drinks or dispose of gum before entering the building.

  • Communication: Use an appropriate voice tone when confronting teachers. Ask if this is a good time to meet. Make an appointment beforehand.

  • Sharing Space: Monitor pre-school children and insist that they hold your hand rather than run freely through the school building.

  • Figure Out How to Accomplish A Task: Allow your child to take the natural consequence of his/her actions. Don't bring forgotten items to the school but do coach students on where they might put things so they are ready to go to school.


  • Figure Out How to Accomplish A Task: Monitor student's clothing ö coats, sweaters, hats and ask them to search the lost and found if something is not returned to the home. Teach students to be responsible for their belongings.

  • Understanding Rules: Follow the school procedures for pick up and drop off of students.

  • Understanding Rules: Don't make exceptions or think it is alright for your child to break ranks and meet with you if they are in large group activities. Always check in with the office before meeting with your child.

  • Social Skills: Use greeting and leaving skills. Address teachers using Mr., Mrs., Ms. when children are present.

  • Organization: When you volunteer for a school activity ask for a pre-teaching checklist outlining the expectations of a volunteer. Follow the expectations and give feedback regarding student performance.

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