Can You Pass The Leadership Test?

By Barb Vasiloff

Few people are born leaders. Since LEADERSHIP is a skill, with practice it can be learned. Students in DWP schools learn that leaders exhibit these qualities.

  1. They notice the needs of others.
  2. They are willing to stand on the side of truth even if they stand alone.
  3. They know that being a leader may mean they will be personally inconvenienced but choose to lead as a way of life.

Here's a quick quiz to see if you are helping your children develop leadership.  Give yourself 5 points for things you usually do, zero for things you never do or any score in between.

___ 1. I encourage my child(ren) to have a positive attitude to see mistakes as learning opportunities.

___ 2. I give my child(ren) chores and monitor how well or poorly these chores are performed.

___ 3. I let my child(ren) grapple with issues that are important to them and don't tell them what to do, but help them think through their actions.

___4. I encourage my child(ren) to try new things and sometimes step out of their comfort zone.  I show them by example that I am willing to do the same thing.

___5. I hold my child(ren) accountable for promises they make, things they say they are going to do, or things I ask them to do to build trustworthiness.

A score above 20 means you are helping your child(ren) to develop leadership.  Fifteen to 19 is average.  Below 15?  Try to look for leadership opportunities.

Model the skill of Leadership and stand on the side of truth even if you stand alone.

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