To Share or Not to Share?

By Chris Nelson and Parent Committee

Children love Christmas!  Santa brings lots of new toys and other important presents.  Many times when clothing, toys, or objects are new, the owner may not want to share before having the opportunity to use or explore the possession.  That's okay! 

To avoid disagreements and hurt feelings regarding the ╬share or not to share' question, sit down as a family and set a policy for identifying objects that can be borrowed or shared by others and those that are for personal and private use only.

Consider having each person choose one or two special items that each person owns. 

The owner should share with the family why the items are special and why he/she would not like to share them.  Then, choose one or two items each would be willing to share.

Your family will have to come up with a way to code or identify items members would rather not share.  You may choose to place ribbons, ID tags, or a sewn symbol on those items.  The family should also determine some consequences that persons who abuse another person's right to privacy would be willing to do.  Taking the time to discuss this as a family will eliminate the ╬share or not to share' question and create a common understanding. 

As adult members of the St. Patrick community we can model the skill of sharing by following our Code of Ethics, "I will respect that St. Patrick's School resources may be limited and must be shared for the good of the community." 

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